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Shoes Just for you is a one of a kind internet shoe distributor.  We make one of a kind shoes just for you.  You tell us what type of shoe you want, how to make it look, colors, and if you want it personalized with a name or number.  All for the customer by the customer.

Our Values

We value first and for most you the customer.  That is why we are dedicating our business to making exactly what you want.  Not only this but we believe that you will wear that which you make.

We also value community, that is why we pledge to do as much for the greater Des Moines area as possible as well as the Nation and World.

We have setup a strict recycling program.  All of our cardboard will be picked up by City Carton Recycling, the 17th biggest recycling facility in the United States.  We also have them pick up our documents to be destroyed and recycled.

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